Two Lucky Nerds and a Dog, From Calgary to LA

Hey everybody, Tom and I have some news.

On May 24th, something pretty great happened: I got engaged to Tom Lommel.

10341414_10100144332948617_3608274739233359267_n(He got engaged to me too, I made sure it was a two way thing.)

You might know me as @GeekyLyndsay on twitter, or as the owner of Dragon Chow Dice Bags, or maybe we ran into each other at the game store, comic shop, or at Gen Con.

You might know Tom as the Dungeon Bastard, or as Doug Douglason from Fear of Girls, or as that guy who was in that one commercial for that thing you thought about buying that one time. He’s an actor and geek who lives in Los Angeles.

You might know Luigi as Lyndsay’s retired racing greyhound. Luigi is Tom’s best buddy, and he will love being able to be around Tom all the time… and never have to see winter again.

There’s a Problem: I live in Canada.

In order to start our new life together, I’ve decided to emigrate to the US. I love Canada, but I love Tom more and I’ve filed for a visa.

And that’s why we’re launching OPERATION NERD SUNSHINE.

The next seven months are going to be filled with paperwork, consulate visits, paperwork, medical exams, paperwork, packing, paperwork, roadtrips, paperwork and EXPENSES.

We’re asking for your help so that Tom, Luigi and I can all live together in Los Angeles! This will be great for my health condition, and Tom and I are thrilled to be starting a life together. 



We’ve set up a page where you can back directly with PayPal, or head over to our GoFundMe!


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