How to Help

Join Operation: Nerd Sunshine

We’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign because this is a long, expensive process and we humbly need your help to make our new life together a reality. Any contribution is appreciated. And we’ve tried to do some fun things so you can help shape the trip as well as cut costs.

Suggested Pledge Levels

giftYou Choose: Thank you for your help!
Just want to help us out? Name your amount here.
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Gas in the tank! Your generosity is hugely appreciated! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a full tank of gas!
Give Through: Paypal | GoFundMe


Contribute a song to the Road Trip Mix CD! We’ll add your song to our playlist and we’ll get as many of them as we can put on Pandora so you can listen along. See the playlist so far here.
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Custom Kanye Mix! Elizabeth Sampat (@twoscooters) will hand-pick you a custom Kanye West mix of five songs for you. The mix will be a spotify or grooveshark playlist, and comes with her reasoning.
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Get a postcard mailed to you from a gas station in who knows where! We’ll pick up a postcard and address it to you and write you a note from the road trip.
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icon_2317$50: K-9 PATROL a.k.a. LUIGI LOVER 
What does Luigi think of all this!?  You come up with the caption, we’ll put the thought bubble over Luigi’s head and tweet a pic!
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Add to Lyndsay’s American to-do list!  Lyndsay’s only been to the country a few times. Get her started on being really American.
Give through: Paypal | GoFundMe


Beer Hangout / Nerd-down with Lyndsay! Back at this level and we’ll get on Google Hangouts and talk beer for awhile, get some recommendations.
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icon_6890$101: GEEKDECAHEDRON 
Game with Tom at Gen Con!  Twelve people will be randomly chosen from this list to play in one of two D&D games run by Tom at Gen Con!
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Did we mention you can give any amount? Hey, you are awesome. Your support will help mint a new American. Thanks!
Give Through: Paypal | GoFundMe


Our costs total up around $4500, we’re asking for $4000 even. But every bit truly counts. And hey, if we hit $5000, we’ll hold a special celebratory gathering at Gen Con!

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