The Costs

We’ve set up a GoFundMe.

What’s so expensive about this whole thing? Well, the whole thing, really. Visa filing, moving.. uprooting your life isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap. Tom and I are both working hard to make that happen while maintaining a happy long distance relationship in the meantime.

See the pledge breakdown or go straight to the GoFundMe.

We would be honoured to have your help.

Let me break it down a little bit:

K-1 Visa Filing Fees: $600
This is what lets me move to America in the first place. Most of the visa forms come with a price tag.

Medical Exam: $300
The medical exam is part of my visa approval process, and has to be paid out of pocket.

Trip to Vancouver for Interview: $700
Once the K-1 visa is approved, I fly to Vancouver. I do my medical exam and an interview at the US Embassy. This is the final step to getting my visa!

U-Pack Shipping Container: $2000
I pack my stuff in this thing and I see it again when I move to Los Angeles!

1,600 Mile Road Trip, Calgary to L.A.: $900
Gotta get me, Luigi and the Whiffle Ball car down there somehow. Plus fly Tom up to help with the drive.


We’ve set up a page where you can back directly with PayPal, or head over to our GoFundMe!


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