New Donor Challenge: Accordion, Banjo and Somehow Even More Rush

Banjo-BMIWe are so close to our goal. Thank you, everyone for your creative song contributions and generosity! We have wonderful friends. As we reach our goal, I want to let you guys know that everything over our goal still helps with our move and visa. At $4500, Tom will be able to fly to Vancouver to be with me at my visa interview!

Tom’s friend Erik has thrown down a new challenge, ending the wildly successful, much acclaimed Juice’s Rush Challenge (but don’t get too sad… a rush challenge is not yet dead). The Rush Challenge resulted in 15 Rush tunes on our playlist!

Erik has a soft spot for banjo, and he is enforcing his soft spot for banjo upon our Radio Operators like so:

In order to give Lyndsay a properly horrible welcome to this side of the Pond, I will donate an additional $3 for every Radio Operator that picks a song featuring either the banjo or accordion – $6 if it has both. Truly clever Radio operators will, of course, opt for the MEGA TRIPLE POWER-UP by picking such songs from the Rush catalog.

(Hey, Erik… If we’re talking Rush, you could have the decency to type ‘catalogue’)

Erik will contrbute, based on your selection:

Song has banjo: $3

Song has accordion: $3

Song has both: $6

Song has both and is also a Rush song: MEGA POWER UP!! $8

Thanks, Erik. I think.

Logistical note! I don’t listen to the songs as you pledge them, so let me know if you are entering this challenge and which instruments are included!

Ready to get the banjo music going? Pledge as a Radio Operator! See the current playlist here and see all of our reward levels here. If you are having trouble with GoFundMe, there are PayPal links on that page for you! All of the paypal donations are added to the final tally on gofundme.


One thought on “New Donor Challenge: Accordion, Banjo and Somehow Even More Rush

  1. has downloadable MP3s of The Gourds doing a couple abbreviated live versions of Spirit of Radio with accordion, as far as I can tell.

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