New Reward: A Night at the Yembassy!

kanye-west-jpgHey, it’s Lyndsay! Thank you all so much for your support. It has been wonderful to hear from each other’s family and friends through this project!

On Friday, I added a new reward level called Night at the Yembassy ( Paypal | GoFundMe ). This is a level taking advantage of my friend Elizabeth Sampat‘s love for Kanye West. She is a major fan of his music and his work, and she loves to share his music with people.

If you pledge $30 to the campaign and select this reward level, you will be sent a survey to fill out that asks about your level of prios Kanye knowledge, your musical tastes and some other preferences. In return you will get a spotify (or, if you are in Canada / International, grooveshark) playlist of five songs.

Along with the playlist, you’ll get a short explanation from Elizabeth about why she chose the songs on your playlist. If you’re already a fan of Kanye and want to go deeper, or you aren’t into Kanye at all, this is a near chance to be personally introduced to his music by a major Kanye geek.

Check out all of the reward levels here. You have the option to back through GoFundMe or with PayPal, should you have a preference.


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