Day One plus A CHALLENGE!

Lyndsay: The first day of our campaign was amazing. Thank you so much for your generosity, sharing the campaign, and sending us messages of support! It has all been very touching, and it’s been great to see the songs people suggest (and helpful suggestions we crash for a night at your place, whether it’s on the way for our trip or not!).

Tom: Over 45% on the first day… it’s really humbling to have that kind of support. We’re both really really grateful to you all. It was an incredibly emotional start. Thank you.

So, here’s a fun twist: my friend Juice issued our first FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE!


“I would like to offer a matching donation of $2 for every radio operator who picks a Rush song.”

Oh man, I don’t know if Juice realizes how much I hate Rush or if he actually does and he’s trying to punish me. Or maybe Rush is just the best Canadian band out there. SORRY SHANIA TWAIN.

Lyndsay: If you want to keep track of the challenge, I’ve set up a handy link to our complete Radio Operator Playlist.

Bump our total by an extra toonie, and all you have to do is share the great Geddy Lee. Do you have what it takes?

This challenge has ended! See the new challenge: accordions and banjos (and Rush)!


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